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Defending Against Traffic Violations

Many people operate under a common misconception: There is no way to fight traffic violations and, if there were, it would not be worth your time. The truth is that traffic violations can have a long-term impact on your driving record and can lead to costly fines and even license suspension.

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What You Should Know About Traffic Violations

Traffic citations come in two forms: moving and non-moving violations.  While non-moving violations are primarily administrative, some can have lasting consequences.  Moving violations are the most common and come in a variety of forms.  Regardless of your traffic charge, you deserve the opportunity to review your case with an experienced attorney to avoid unnecessary negative consequences like:

You have a right to face your accuser and to present evidence in your defense. As your legal team, our job is to facilitate and support you in your defense. Maintain your ability to move freely and preserve your driving record.

Ask Allison Blackwelder About Your Options

Our attorney is an experienced defense attorney who is prepared to protect your interests. Her skill both in negotiations and in the courtroom are a key resource for many clients just like you. Ask her how to protect yourself.