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Dealing With Minor Alcohol And Drug Offenses

Protecting College Students And Other Individuals

Everyone makes mistakes. For many college and university students, those mistakes lead to interactions with police and the justice system. In the worst cases, they lead to conviction and permanently derail your education and work opportunities.

Whether a house party leads to underage drinking allegations, alleged sexual misconduct threatens your university standing, or you are accused of disorderly conduct, Blackwelder Law, LLC, empowers you to find your best path forward. Stay in control of your future; call 910-489-2178.

Creating A Wise And Measured Defense

Depending on your school’s policies, even a minor misdemeanor can jeopardize your very presence on campus, destroy your scholarship opportunities, and lead to major life disruptions. Blackwelder Law, LLC, believes that  your future matters, and we work to keep you on track to your goals. Our experience involves:

  • Drug crime defense, including possession of controlled substances and intent to sell drugs
  • Public disorderly conduct
  • Underage consumption of alcohol and other alcohol-related charges
  • Sexual assault and misconduct charges
  • Petty theft and larceny
  • Destruction of property

Through stalwart defense, strategic case development and a full exploration of your options, we give you tools to make the best possible choices, regardless of the allegations you face. Your future is bright. Let’s keep it that way.

Trust Us With Your Future

Our office represents defendants across the upstate region of South Carolina. Whatever your interaction with the law, we can help you preserve your potential and defend your rights. Call us at 910-489-2178 and request a consultation.