Passionate Defense Against Criminal Charges

Every case is different. We fully understand that. That’s why we focus on providing personal attention and clear communication to ensure that we pursue your particular goals and meet your unique needs from day one.

Traffic Law And Criminal Defense In South Carolina

At Blackwelder Law, LLC, our mission is to arm you with knowledge so that you can take an active part in making the best decisions for yourself, your family, and your future. Whether you received a simple speeding ticket or have been charged with a serious drug offense, you can turn to us.

Because we are a small, we are able to provide efficient representation. We are not slowed down by layers of bureaucracy. Instead, we can act promptly and decisively to protect your interests.

Our one-on-one approach also means that we can alleviate much of the guesswork and anxiety that you may associate with consulting a lawyer. You matter to us, and you can count on us to protect your rights.

Our Practice Areas

Criminal Charges

Fight back against criminal charges with our help. We handle drug offenses, violent crime charges, public disorderly conduct, and much more.

Traffic Violations

Don’t let traffic offenses turn into a nightmare. Take action to combat speeding tickets, reckless driving charges, and much more.

When You Need A Champion, We’re Here For You

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Meet Allison Blackwelder 

Allison (Alli) Blackwelder is dedicated to working closely with you and providing you the personalized service that you deserve from your criminal defense attorney.

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