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An Aggressive Approach To Violent Crime Allegations

Right now, you may be feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, or confused. Violent crime allegations are serious, and these feelings are very common. Right now, your future is on the line. A conviction will mean possible prison time, months or years of probation, and countless financial and personal consequences.

You cannot afford to work with a defense attorney you do not trust. At Blackwelder Law, LLC, we work with you to develop a strong defense that protects your long-term interests. Whether your best possible option is a lesser charge, diversion programs, or going to trial, we are here for you. Reach us at our office in Greenville.

Common Examples Of Violent Crimes

Violent crime allegations are very significant. Individuals found guilty of violent crimes are often unable to access diversion programs, are ineligible for certain professions, and experience far more serious consequences when interacting with the law in the future. South Carolina law considers the following crimes, among others, to be “violent crimes”:

  • Murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter
  • Child abuse and kidnapping
  • Armed robbery and burglary
  • Some sexual crimes, including sex crimes involving minors

If you face violent crime allegations, you need to work closely with an attorney to protect yourself. The consequences are far too severe to risk an unprepared or underdeveloped defense.

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