You should defend yourself against traffic violation accusations

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Traffic Violations

There are numerous types of traffic violations that you could be accused of in South Carolina. Depending on the charges, you could face significant fines and even lose your license.

Even if you’ve only been accused of speeding or another common infraction, you may suffer unnecessary consequences if you’re found guilty. Including license points, higher insurance costs, and administrative penalties.

Common traffic tickets in South Carolina

There are several common traffic violations that drivers face in South Carolina. Speeding is probably among the most common, and may lead to fines or jailtime. One report showed that 17% of drivers in South Carolina have received a speeding ticket. That means that around one in five drivers face negative consequences after a stop.

Speeding is dangerous, but you have an opportunity to defend yourself in traffic court. Maybe you were speeding as a result of another person tailgating you; or maybe you reacted out of necessity to prevent a larger traffic issue.  These are issues that should be explored before you enter a traffic court.

Another common traffic ticket is for driving without insurance. This offense can result in a citation or an arrest. Furthermore, this is an expensive mistake to make.  This is an expensive offense to commit.  You could face significant fines and even a license suspension.

A third common infraction is from running a red light or stop sign. If you fail to stop, you can be ticketed. However, if you couldn’t see the sign due to an obstruction or other reasoning, you may be able to defend your case.

Why do you need to defend yourself against traffic tickets?

While traffic tickets don’t usually land you in jail, they do come with financial penalties. You may have to complete community service or complete traffic school in some cases even if you are convicted.

Defending your case may help you get the ticket dropped or lowered, helping you save money and protecting your reputation as a good driver. Call an experienced traffic attorney for more information on what you can do to protect your best interests.