How criminal charges can disrupt your education

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Whether you are considering enrolling in or currently attending college, your conduct on the outside can impact your studies. Younger people can often fall into a bad crowd who engage in criminal activity. On occasion, alcohol may result in someone making a mistake that they deeply regret.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges and subsequently become convicted, this can have serious ramifications on your studies and career prospects. This is why you need to build a watertight defense. Outlined below are some of the distinct ways that criminal charges might disrupt your education.

Access to funding

College is expensive and it is possible that you need some assistance in covering the fees. A criminal conviction could see you disqualified from obtaining the financial help that you need. The Federal Student Aid excludes individuals who have been convicted of sexual offenses and drug-related crimes from acquiring financial aid.

Colleges could reject your application

Criminal background checks not only apply to employers, but colleges also engage in this process. The majority of educational institutions tend to perform some sort of criminal background check on prospective students. A criminal conviction may prevent you from attending the college of your dreams, especially if serious offenses such as drug-related crimes are involved.

If you are innocent and facing criminal charges, it is vital for your education that you come up with a solid defense strategy. Even if you have made a mistake years ago, this should not be held against you indefinitely. Getting in touch with a seasoned criminal defense attorney will help ensure that you can obtain access to the education that you desire.