Ways that pranks can result in criminal charges

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Criminal Defense

There is a viral trend that is taking over the internet and social media, namely pranks. You can spend hours watching spouses, co-workers and buddies prank each other. It may make for good entertainment, but it can also result in criminal charges when things go wrong.

By nature, a person pranking another generally doesn’t have their prior consent to do what they’re going to do. Furthermore, when those photos or videos end up posted online, it can be damaging. When pranks cross the line and turn into assault, bullying or public humiliation, the prankster could end up facing criminal charges. Harmless fun is not “harmless” when it negatively affects others, especially without their permission.

Pranks that could get you arrested

Legal action could be the surprising punchline when youthful jokesters plan and execute a harmful prank on an unsuspecting victim. Here are some examples of pranks that may turn into someone facing criminal charges:

  • Spiking drinks: It may seem like a good idea to secretly put drugs into a friend’s drink from an immature individual’s perspective. This is a great way to lose a friend and gain charges, though. This could be anything from a “date-rape” drug to laxatives, but anything that harms can expose you to legal liability.
  • Trespassing: Many pranks involve sneaking into someone’s car or home to prepare the prank. The prank could backfire when the pranked person realizes that you sneaked into their private domain, thus committing trespassing.
  • Theft: Some pranks entail taking personal possessions from a person to use them in the “joke.” An instance in which someone takes another person’s personal property without permission could result in theft charges.
  • Physical contact: Assault can be verbal or physical. When physical contact is made with another person without their consent, the outcome could be criminal charges, especially if it results in damage or harm to the person or their property.

There is a myriad of ways to carry out a playful and harmless prank. However, the joke could be on the jokester when the intended person is harmed emotionally, financially or physically.

When considering options after suffering harm due to a prank gone wrong, it can be beneficial to have professional guidance experienced in criminal charges in South Carolina.