Man arrested for sex offenses and traffic violations

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can be lodged for many reasons in Greenville and the South Carolina Upstate, and a strong legal defense is key in avoiding the worst possible penalties.

Local man flees after allegations of indecent exposure in car

Recently in Spartanburg County, a man was arrested after he fled from police who were investigating a call. Police arrived on the scene after campus security at a local college reported a man was having sex with a woman in a car.

When deputies arrived at the scene and looked for the vehicle, however, it had moved to a different area. After the police found the car and attempted to speak to the occupants, the driver put it in reverse and immediately fled.

Believing that the driver might have been under the influence, police continued to pursue the vehicle. When the driver’s vehicle became stuck in the mud, officers were finally able to remove the male driver and arrest him. While officers determined that the man was not under the influence and decided not to pursue charges for indecent exposure, they did charge the driver for fleeing law enforcement and for reckless driving.

The accumulation of charges can lead to significant penalties

Although the man in this case avoided indecent exposure, which was the initial reason for the deputies being called, he now faces other challenges because of the charges that were levied against him after he fled from law enforcement. Traffic violations can result in serious consequences like lost driving privileges, fines and more.

If you’ve been charged with traffic violations, consult with legal professionals experienced in criminal defense to learn more about the options available to you.