There are many ways to get charged as a sex offender

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Getting charged with a sex crime may be hard to imagine for some. Unfortunately, people found guilty of rape or child molestation aren’t the only ones who can wind up on their state’s sex offender registry. Acts that many may consider consensual or even innocent could put some at risk of getting convicted.

Acts that could lead to a conviction

These are a few people may not think of:

  • Paying for a prostitute: Here in South Carolina, those who exchange money for sexual favors could land on the state’s offender registry and potentially face jail time. They may also have to pay exorbitant fines, depending on the number of offenses.
  • Incest: While it’s often considered taboo, it’s also illegal. In most states, including South Carolina, it’s against the law to have a sexual relationship with one’s parents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and other extended family members.
  • Minors taking nude photos of themselves: Minors who take sexually explicit images of themselves could face a child pornography conviction. If they send those photos across state lines, they may face federal penalties.

Facing sex crime charges can be scary

Sex crime allegations can be life-ruining. Not only do the accused face embarrassment and humiliation, they could also lose many freedoms and opportunities in life if found guilty. Those in South Carolina facing such allegations will want to seek legal assistance. An aggressive and determined attorney can help protect their client’s innocence and defend their case in court.