Do I need to come back to SC for my traffic court date?

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Firm News

No, but you will be found guilty of the infraction listed on your citation if you do not appear; you need to return to South Carolina or hire an attorney if you are contesting your ticket.

If you do not appear in court on the date listed on your ticket, then the court assumes that you do not contest your case.  As such, you will be found guilty in your absence.  At that point, you must pay the fine listed on your ticket.  (If you are not contesting your ticket, most courts allow you to plead guilty by paying your fine online).  If you do not go to court and you fail to arrange to pay the fine online, then your license will be suspended, even if you are an out-of-state driver.

If you would like to contest your traffic ticket, contact an attorney PRIOR TO your court date. Speaking to an experienced attorney can help you make the best choices about how to proceed in traffic court.  Communicating ahead of time allows your attorney time to make arrangements with the court and officer involved.  Still, some courts require that those charged with traffic infractions appear in court on the original court date, even when that individual has hired an attorney.  

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