What is a living will?

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Firm News

A living will is a document that tells doctors about your healthcare wishes if you are suffering from a terminal illness or are rendered permanently unconscious.  

“Estate planning” is not just for people with lots of money or assets. Even if you do not believe that you need a living will, it is worth talking to an attorney about all of the tools tools available that may make your passing easier for loved ones. A living will, which is a type of advanced directive, is just one of the many tools that exist to ensure that your wishes are carried out at the time of and after your death. 

In a living will, an individual notes his or her wishes regarding two main issues:

  1. Whether to withhold/withdraw life support, and
  2. Whether they should receive artificial nutrition/hydration.

Like many estate planning tools, living wills were authorized by statute in 1986 when South Carolina passed the “Death With Dignity Act.” As such, there are specific rules and statutory requirements to make sure that the document memorializing these important decisions are executed properly.

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