Can a South Carolina attorney make my ticket go away?

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Firm News

Despite the words Uniform Traffic ticket at the top of your citation, the potential outcomes for SC traffic cases are anything but uniform. With potential to negatively affect your license, insurance, and employment status, Blackwelder Law strongly encourages you discuss your ticket with an attorney as soon as possible to avoid negative consequences.

In South Carolina, traffic cases are heard in both Magistrate (county) and Municipal (city) courts. While they are similar in nature and mission, Magistrate and Municipal courts operate with subtle differences. Experienced attorneys will understand these differences and should work with you to figure out the best game plan to fight your ticket. 

By the time you get to court on the date listed on your ticket, it is usually too late to contact an attorney to advocate on your behalf. (This is true even if your date is scheduled just a few weeks from the infraction date.) Even more importantly, if you do not attend court on your scheduled date, then you will be found guilty of the infraction in your absence and will be required to pay the fine listed on your ticket to the court to avoid suspension of your license.  This is true even if your license has been issued by a state other than South Carolina.  Please note there is no guarantee that a judge will allow you to continue your case to find representation, especially if you only ask the court for more time on your scheduled trial date.  For this reason, it is important to consult an attorney prior to your court date to avoid any irreversible consequences.

When consulting an attorney, be sure to have a copy of your ticket available so that they may ask questions to determine exactly which factors could affect the potential outcomes for your case.  Some of the factors include:

  1. Type of officer that issued your citation
  2. Your own driving record
  3. Type of charge that you received (speeding, passing violation, etc.)
  4. The court in which your case is set to be heard
  5. Court participation in TEP

Blackwelder Law strives to get the best results for our clients. Sometimes this means having cases dismissed, but other times the best result possible is a reduced or re-written charge. From the outset, representatives at Blackwelder Law strive to provide clients with a realistic understanding of potential outcomes. We would rather have a frank conversation upfront than frustration down the road.

We look forward to hearing from you and explaining how our experience CAN make it better!