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Avoiding Sex Offender Registration

For decades, states across the country have required those found guilty of sex crimes to register on publicly accessible lists known in South Carolina as the sex offender registry tool or “SORT.” The registry lists all known offenders, their place of residence, and their related criminal history. Inclusion on this list has ruined lives.

The best way to avoid being placed on the sex offender registry is through a strong legal defense. Blackwelder Law, LLC, can help provide you with the answers. Email our office in Greenville.

Who Is On The Sex Offender Registry?

Sex offender registries include individuals who plead guilty, do not contest, or are convicted of a wide range of crimes, including statutory rape, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, solicitation, and more. The registry includes three general categories called tiers. The registry lists most individuals in Tier I. Tiers II and III indicate increasingly violent or serious charges like production of child porn, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

Once you are on the registry, the only ways to remove your name are through a state pardon or through a retrial that acquits you of the charges. These are extremely rare cases. The best prevention is through a strong defense. At Blackwelder Law, LLC, our attorney leverages her knowledge and years of trial experience to help you avoid conviction and the sex offender registry.

We Can Help, But You Have To Call

Our office believes everyone deserves legal representation that is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome. This is especially true for those accused of a sex crime. Speak with our passionate staff about your case, and, together, we can build your case. Call 910-489-2178.